Pinpoint 3D Secure

Virtually eliminate key chargeback costs.

Get Rid of Friendly Fraud with Risk-Based 3D Secure

Traditional fraud prevention tools can’t stop friendly fraud, because there’s nothing fraudulent to detect at the time of purchase. The customer is disputing a charge that they initially authorized. But Risk-Based 3D Secure, a program from the card networks, protects you, even if the customer initiates the chargeback.

  • Zero merchant liability on authenticated transactions for key card-not-present chargeback codes
  • Delivers additional revenue through the elimination of false declines
  • Requires no extra steps for customers at checkout
  • Readily integrates with websites and shopping carts
  • Compatible with major gateways including NMI, Auth and USAePay

Get the solution that offers protection from friendly fraud.

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How Card Networks Protect Online Merchants With 3D Secure

3D Secure is an authentication program, rolled out by the card networks, to help protect online merchants from fraud. The technology sits between the shopping cart and the gateway, using consumer data to authenticate transactions on the backend.

How is 3D Secure different from other fraud management tools?

Other tools offer fraud prevention. Risk-based 3D Secure offers fraud PROTECTION. Even if fraud occurs, merchants are protected from the costs.

Who pays for the chargeback if the merchant doesn’t?

When transactions get authenticated by the program, fraud liability shifts to the card issuer.

Which chargebacks will 3D Secure protect me from?

3D Secure shifts liability to the card issuers on the following chargeback codes:

  • Visa Reason code75: Cardholder does not recognize transaction.
  • Visa Reason code 83: Fraud Transaction – Card Absent Environment.
  • MasterCard Reason code 4837: No cardholder authorization.
  • MasterCard Reason code 4849: Questionable merchant activity.
  • MasterCard Reason code 4863: Cardholder does not recognize – potential fraud.

Will this add consumer friction at checkout?

Unlike traditional 3D Secure, which required consumers to provide additional information at checkout, the newest version uses risk-based algorithms to authenticate on the backend. This is totally invisible to the customer.

What if a transaction isn’t authenticated?

Risk-based authentication suffices 70-80% of the time. For minority of transactions that can’t be authenticated, you have two choices:

  1. Prompt a consumer for verification at checkout (as in traditional 3D Secure)
  2. Forward the transaction to the gateway, without authenticating it, and forgo chargeback protection.

Pinpoint Intelligence can help you model the best approach for your business.

What about false declines?

There are none. The system accepts all transactions and provides fraud protection to those that are authenticated. No revenue has to be lost from rejected transactions.

Does 3D Secure work on all transactions?

3D Secure currently works with Visa and MasterCard transactions. We expect that American Express and Discover cards will be added by the end of the year.

Will 3D Secure work with my websites and carts?

Yes. You can use the SDK for PHP websites, or an open API for all other carts that allow payment page changes.

What about my gateways?

3D Secure is compatible with all gateways that have the fields required to capture 3D Secure data, including NMI, Auth and USAePay.

How long does it take to implement 3D Secure?

We’ll work with you to expedite the process and approvals, so you can gain this protection as fast as possible.

Get the solution that offers protection from friendly fraud.

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