Pinpoint’s Intergration with Kount

Looking To Stop More Fraud?

Lean on Pinpoint Payments to Protect Your Business

Whether your business has been plagued by online fraud, or you just want to take a proactive approach avoid the trouble altogether, look no further.

Pinpoint Payments has been working with Kount, a leader in fraud prevention to allow our customers the ability to detect and stop fraudulent sales in real time. This technology helps to identify suspicious transactions, sniff out affiliate fraud and weed out online fraudsters friction free. With Kount, you have the power to Accept, or Decline the transaction before the purchase process is complete.

Benefits of using Kount through Pinpoint:

  • Avoid risky transactions that can lead you to costly chargebacks
  • Protect your merchant accounts with real data, not just your gut instinct
  • Improve your cashflow, by avoiding fraudulent sales and reducing false declines

How Does it all Work?

Kount uses patented machine learning technology to review hundreds of different data points during the checkout process. Based on that information, a score is generated in the time it takes to blink between 1-99 to determine the level of risk associated with your transactions.

This allows you to setup preset rules, as well as actionable decisions around this data based on your desires. Whether that means making this process fully automated, or just simply using the information to help your manual review process, Kount makes it easy.

Pinpoint Kount

Work with a Merchant Processor that Gets Your Business

Pinpoint Payments has always focused on making our clients lives easier. To put it simply, we understand merchant processing. Fortunately for you, fraud and chargebacks don’t have to be part of that process. Speak with one of our experts today, to discuss the next steps in protecting your merchant account and processing payments more intelligently.

It’s easy to integrate Pinpoint Kount in conjunction with: