Pinpoint isn’t your average payment processor, we’re a payments partner, here to help you grow your business. As a team of former merchants, online advertisers, chargeback experts and payment professionals, we use our first-hand experience to help you succeed…. Read More

Stop Genuine Fraud

Ever wish you could have more insight into the consumers making purchases from your online business? With more than $450 Billion sales online in 2017, it’s no secret shoppers enjoy buying from the comfort of home or on the road. But this also creates a sense of anonymity, making it impossible to really know just who your customers are… Read More

Intercept Chargebacks

Dealing with chargebacks has become the norm if your selling anything online these days. The Pinpoint Alerts program allow merchants the unique opportunity to intercept, and resolve impending chargebacks, prior to reaching their merchant accounts. With a reduction in chargebacks of 50% or more, Alerts are key in maintaining a healthy chargeback ratio… Read More

Manage Chargebacks

If you’re not fighting, organizing and managing your company’s chargebacks, you’re leaving money on the table. Many think of chargebacks as a necessary evil, but it’s also a great way to learn. Each dispute tells a story, and with the right tools in place, you take use this data to make key adjustments and improvement to your business… Read More

Stop Friendly

Friendly fraud is at an all time high, with no end in sight. The worst part is, traditional fraud prevention tools do not help, as there is no genuine fraud to begin with! Consumers are disputing charges, that they knowingly authorized and getting away with it. That is, until now…. Read More