7 Web-Based Wireframe Tools that Anybody Can Use

If you sell online, you’ve probably seen wireframes—blueprint-like diagrams that outline the relative size and placement of each element on a web page. Every designer uses them and some won’t put pointer to pixel until you’ve signed off on one. The good news is, you don’t have to be a designer to create a wireframe. […]

How to test your way to a kick-ass landing page

I’m going to stick my neck out and bet that you have a pretty good landing page. Actually, I’m not sticking it out too much. If your landing page is converting and making money, your landing page is better than most. If you’re happy being better than most, read no further. But what if there […]

How to optimize every screen in the conversion process

It takes more than a landing page to land a sale. The order page, the payment info page… every step in the user experience can win and cost you customers. Your main goal is always to reduce exit rates and move visitors down the funnel. At the same time, you don’t want to lose upsell […]

Processing: Why it Costs So Much to Get Your Money

It seems like magic. The customer visits your site, shops, hits Submit and you get paid. But, in fact, a lot happens behind the scenes. The better you understand this, the better you’ll be able to choose a payment service provider (processor). Getting through the Gateway After the customer hits submit, the information on the […]

9 Terms You Absolutely Must Understand to Accept Online Payments.

The business of credit card payments is a bit like a teenage girl on the telephone. It has a language all its own. And words don’t always mean what common sense might suggest they mean. Say, for instance, you’re looking for payment processor for online payments. You may not realize that processing is just one […]

Top 15 Ways to Keep Your Top Affiliates Happy and Selling

Like it or not, you probably need your affiliates more than they need you. Affiliates have lots of programs to choose from. And while you may have a lot of affiliates, chances are 80% of your revenue comes from the top 20% of performers. Here’s our Top 15 List of ways to stay top-of-mind with […]

5 Simple, Proven Ways to Prevent Chargebacks

Guilty until proven innocent. That’s the view banks take when a customer disputes an online or mobile charge. The bank issues a refund. The credit card networks issue fines and penalties. And now it’s up to you to prove that the transaction was valid. Unfortunately, you can’t stop customers from complaining to their banks instead […]

Simple Steps to Reduce Checkout Friction and Increase Sales

You got everything right. Strong headlines and calls to action. Powerful copy that makes customers salivate for your product. Your UX and design drive people grab attention, excite desire and provoke action. Now the customer has made their decision. They hit the checkout button and reach the page where they enter payment information. This, unfortunately, […]

5 Tips for Successful International Shipping

Importing and exporting can be very lucrative. If and only if you know what you’re doing. An importer can be stuck with a warehouse full of goods it can’t sell. An exporter can find his products sitting on a dock waiting for a truck or train. In the interest of helping our clients who want […]