When you are surrounded by alligators, it’s hard to remember that your original objective was draining the swamp. This little bit of wisdom (admittedly, we cleaned up the language a little to share it with you) was whispered into one of our founder’s ears by his uncle when he was a kid, and luckily it stuck with him.

When Benjamin Grossman and Nicholas Ruggieri founded Pinpoint Intelligence in 2013, they agreed that a different perspective — one that focused on draining the swamp — was needed if businesses were to effectively fight chargebacks and fraud.

Every smart business owner with an e-commerce component engages in fraud prevention. However, most of the chargeback and fraud prevention systems out there come at this problem from the consumer protection point of view. While there is nothing wrong with having consumer protection as a goal, Pinpoint Intelligence has discovered that altering your perspective, and coming at the overall problem from the merchant’s viewpoint is much more efficient, protecting consumers just as well as a consumer-focused system.

Reduce Chargebacks

Eighty-six percent of cardholders do not contact merchants before they file a dispute. This leads to chargebacks, fees, penalties, and may ultimately cost you your processing privileges. Our alerts help you get out in front of chargebacks and reduce your ratios.

Reduce Fraud

With Affiliate fraud estimated at over $4.6B each year, friendly fraud and genuine fraud is a never ending, uphill battle that’s easily lost. Pinpoint Secure can even the playing field, ease these pain points and help you get your business back on track putting a stop to fraud once and for all.

Contest & Win Chargebacks

Your business is unique, so shouldn’t your chargeback program be unique as well? Pinpoint Representments is a fully customizable chargeback defense program that helps you fight back against unfair and fraudulent chargebacks, tailored to meet the individual needs of each of our clients.

Recover lost sales

Merchants who conduct manual reviews analyze approximately 27% of transactions and roughly 75% are ultimately approved. Numbers that high represent inefficiency in targeting questionable transactions. Our system helps you make more intelligent decisions, saving time and money by accepting additional orders that would otherwise be wrongfully declined.

Keep more money in your pocket.

Since its launching, Pinpoint Intelligence has helped our clients save tens of millions of dollars. We think this number speaks for itself, but it’s even more impressive when you break down where those savings are coming from.

Clients who subscribe to our Pinpoint Alerts program are able to significantly reduce the number of chargebacks they face because our system works to alert you a chargeback is possible so you can proactively address it before it actually materializes. This saves you the money you would spend on fines and fees related to chargebacks, and helps ensure your merchant account is not put at risk because you are facing too many chargebacks.

When you combine the Pinpoint Representments program with Pinpoint Alerts, you get the ability to fight back against chargebacks that are unfair, or that you suspect are fraudulent. This is much more cost-effective than having your in-house team do defensive work on an ad hoc basis.

Pinpoint Secure, is a customized fraud prevention system that is integrated into the checkout page on your website. It works to keep fraudulent purchases from ever being processed so you don’t have to pay for fulfilling fraudulent orders.

Don’t settle for a cookie-cutter solution.

Your business is unique, so shouldn’t your fraud and chargeback prevention programs be unique as well? Pinpoint Intelligences tailors our platform to meet the individual needs of each of our clients.

Our ability to incorporate information about your specific situation and goals into our security programs is what distinguishes us from our competitors. Because of this, we are able to provide more value to our clients relative to the price they are paying any other vendors in the fraud and chargeback protection market.

Keep your customers, and keep them happy!

When you have a lot of chargebacks, you run the risk of losing your merchant account. This is a devastating blow to any business, but is basically the death knell to any company that relies on online sales to turn a profit. If the fraudulent and chargeback headaches you are dealing with haven’t already done so, losing your merchant account will destroy the good will necessary to maintaining a successful business.

Keeping your customers, and keeping them happy, should be one of the main goals of your overall business, but it should not be the main focus of your fraud and chargeback prevention plan. Pinpoint Intelligence’s merchant- centric approach to fraud and chargeback prevention protects your clients just as well as other customer-focused systems do, but it does so with the added benefit of boosting your bottom line. This is accomplished by predicting where problems will arise so they can be dealt with before they cost you money.

Let us help you drain the swamp.

If you are ready to focus on draining the swamp so you can stop wasting your time and money fighting alligators, we urge you to contact us today to learn how you and your consumers can benefit from the Pinpoint Intelligence system.