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A Total Risk Management Solution

As a merchant, you need to protect yourself from financial losses arising from chargebacks. Unfortunately, chargebacks cannot always be avoided because fraud is all too common. Credit cards are often used without the authorization or consent of the cardholder. A merchant who is the victim of fraud will be solely responsible for the losses.
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At Pinpoint Intelligence, we know that thousands of chargebacks occur every month, causing businesses to lose millions of dollars. We work with start-ups, emerging businesses and leading e-Commerce sites to protect them from fraud before the sale. We also help merchants fight chargebacks after notification has been received.

Our programs are designed to meet your unique business needs whether you are a “high risk,” “low risk” or “no risk” target for fraud. We provide risk management solutions to:
  • Reduce chargebacks
  • Recover lost sales
  • Reduce fraud
  • Contest chargebacks

Fighting chargebacks can be time-consuming and costly, but such cases can be won and lost sales can be recovered. Don’t be the victim of fraud. Call Pinpoint Intelligence today.