Pinpoint Secure

What is Pinpoint Secure?

Pinpoint Secure is a fraud prevention program that harnesses the power of big data to identify transactions that are suspicious in real-time so that you can accept, decline, or escalate the transaction for further review before the fulfillment process starts. The ability to stop a fraudulent transaction before money is spent to fulfill it is a huge money saver for our clients.

Benefits of Pinpoint Secure:

  • Scores transactions (1-99) based on risk factors
  • Utilizes up to 300 data points
  • Provides real-time feedback on traffic quality

How does Pinpoint Secure work?

Pinpoint Secure uses patented technology to review billions of transactional data points annually. Our system processes information like device ID, IP address, IP geolocation, mobile indicators, and recent logins, for each transaction, in real-time, so our clients can validate each user account.

This whole process takes less than 300 milliseconds, so the customer’s shopping experience is not negatively impacted by security delays.  In fact, your customers will probably not notice any difference between Pinpoint Secure and your current system.

Pinpoint Secure

Pinpoint Secure transaction page sample

Pinpoint Secure Transaction

This Sounds Complicated

Pinpoint Secure is a technologically advanced fraud prevention system, but it is designed to serve small and medium-sized businesses, so it is very easy to use from a merchant’s perspective. It is also cost-effective for small and medium-sized businesses.

All we need to do to get you hooked into the Pinpoint Secure system is add some code to the checkout page on your website, and you are off and running. We then provide the necessary training so that you can start saving money by preventing fraudulent transactions right away.

Depending on merchant’s vertical, traffic sources and current practices.

Pinpoint Secure easy integration in conjunction