Pinpoint Alerts allow merchants the unique opportunity to intercept, and resolve impending chargebacks, prior to reaching their merchant accounts. Advance notifications are sent in near-real time, with coverage extending across the US… Read More



Pinpoint Secure is a fraud prevention program that harnesses the power of big data to identify transactions that are suspicious in real-time so that you can accept, decline, or escalate the transaction for further review before the fulfillment process… Read More


Chargeback Representments

A good way to think of Pinpoint Representments is to compare it to hiring a lawyer to defend you in court. When you get sued, you have a choice. You can spend time learning the law and the rules of the court and trying defending yourself, or you can hire an… Read More


Pinpoint 3DS

Traditional fraud prevention tools can’t stop friendly fraud, because there’s nothing fraudulent to detect at the time of purchase. The customer is disputing a charge that they initially authorized…. Read More